Apr 17, 2010

Maafkn Rafiqin Darwisy...

Erm,sebut jer nama dak ni 1 Mesia tau....dia berjaya mnenggelamkan nm2 artis yg menang kt ABPBH 2009,gara2 dia mgutuk Arwah Din Beramboi di fesbuk..Mmg sakit ati lau bc komen dia kt fesbuk..xtau la apa yg dia xpuas ati sgt ngn Arwah...rs nk lempang2 jek dak ni...Smpaikan dkt skool dia pn dia kn pnggil ngn cikgu(tp xtau r relate ngn kes ni ke x)...tp mmg xpatut la sbgai manusia dia nk wat cmtu..Pikila prasaan family arwah bila bc..org yg dh mninggal,xyah kita nk canang keburukan or kelemahan..kite yg idup just mafkan jer...tp nk mrh lebey2 pn xley,Rafiqin tu br Form 2,student kt SMK Tgku Panglima Perang,Pahang(aritu beriye kt org Sabah)....kalo nk tgk komen2 mbe dia,korg taip SMK Tengku Panglima Perang or click here.

Afdlin pn kate,jgn dilayan dak ni,mgkin dia sgja nk cri publisiti,tp xpasal2 dpt musuh...tula org kate,sbb mlut,bdn binasa..Mgkin dia ade tekanan perasaan ker(sedapkan ati jela)...pape pn,kite doakan smga dia sedar ngn kesalahan dia,dan jgn cube2 brani wat hot statement kt fesbuk g..tau x, Facebook Page Kami Benci Rafiqin Darwisy dh ade 40,000 fans in 2 days...byak lg la page2 yg dorg wat disebabkan dak ni..wallahualam...Smga sumenyer bek2 jer pasni...Utk arwah,kite sedekahkan Al-Fatihah,smga dia ditmpatkan dgn org2 yg beriman..Amiin

Apr 16, 2010

Clash Of The Titans

Today I wud like to share wif you my review for this movie,after I watched it last nite...smpai kul 5pg u....Ok...Basically citer ni ok la wal2 tuh...look nice,n gempak la...tp bkn la genre citer yg aku suka...jus nk temankan hubby ak tgk...citer ni xbyk suspen,evrything jus bese2 jer...citer omputih bese la..canggih-manggih lau nk compare ngn Asia ni...tp jln citer dia quite weak..xbyk plot..straight to da point jela...Tp bg org Islam,citer ni ada menyentuh unsur2 agama jgak...So,sape yg tgk,berhati2...mmg xsesuai lau nk bg ank2 tgk...Dia ada sebut Allah..pastu citer sal Zeus(Tuhan or Dewa dorg)...N yg klakar nyer,Si Hades(Dewa Kejahatan kot),nk hidupkan makhhluk(Kraken coz nk mgajar manusia yg nk mncabar Tuhan iaitu si Zeus nih...)mmg gerun r dgr...Kraken...nk kuar dr laut pn suspen ckt...nk tgk rupe...Alih2,smpai 10mnt dh mati...ank Zeus(Perseus)yg bunuh...xde lawan2 yg ganas2...(citer Otroman pn ade lawan rksasa dulu)...he3...

Kalo aku,mmg aku akn bg 2-3 bntg jer...ending pn cmtuh jer...xtau la pendapat korg2 yg dh tgk....share la ngn aku yea..mn la tau,korg suke giler ker citer nih...he3...aku pn bkn pkar mgkritik,jus pndapat aku saje...Demikianla.....aku cri gak review dr org len,sbg cnth dr www.film junk.com..

Clash of the Titans
Directed by: Louis Leterrier
Written by: Travis Beacham, Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi
Starring: Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton

Unlike a lot of the Hollywood remakes being greenlit nowadays, I think most people can agree that Clash of the Titans is a film that was due for a makeover. The original was made in 1981 and featured stop motion effects created by Ray Harryhausen. Sure, they were cool at the time, but the film looks dated now, and it takes away from a fantastical story like this when the special effects are no longer cutting edge. Considering the current renewed interest in sword and sandals epics, this movie should have been an easy win for all parties involved.

Unfortunately for Clash of the Titans and director Louis Leterrier, the movie also managed to get caught in the middle of the Hollywood transition to 3-D. At the last minute, Warner Brothers decided to up-convert the film to 3-D in post-production in order to capitalize on the trend, a decision that has proven to be both distracting and problematic. The movie has plenty of other issues as well, but the poor use of 3-D is what ultimately underwhelms and puts the nail in the coffin for what should have been, at the very least, a satisfying visual spectacle.

The story is based on the myth of Perseus (Sam Worthington), the adopted son of a fisherman who does not know that he is actually the demi-god son of Zeus. When the people of Argos rebel against the gods, Zeus does not take kindly to their actions and allows his brother Hades to strike back (killing Perseus’ parents in the process). Hades will release a Kraken (a giant sea monster) to destroy the city in 10 days, unless Perseus can stop him. Together with a band of warriors and his ethereal guide Io (Gemma Arterton), he sets off to do just that.

In some ways the story is immune to criticism because it’s such a simple, archetypal tale, but they did stray from the original in a number of ways, mainly to add more CG and more sex appeal. Io was not in the original, but here she plays Perseus’ love interest in place of Andromeda (his quest to answer a riddle for her hand in marriage is also excised). They also added a strange race of sand people, one of whom ends up tagging along and grunting like Chewbacca for comic relief. Yes, screenwriters Travis Beacham, Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi (Aeon Flux, The Tuxedo) have created something that feels quite a bit like a George Lucas movie here… take from that what you will.

There are definitely two tones in competition with each other throughout the film. Clash of the Titans wants to be macho, dark and violent, but it’s also a PG-13 adventure movie for the whole family. It’s a hard balance because I think some of the monsters are probably too scary for younger kids, while the older kids have grown up with movies like 300 and video games like God of War and will probably wonder why this movie isn’t more bad ass. One thing’s for sure: almost all of the humour in this movie is groan-worthy and extremely corny.

Sam Worthington’s sudden rise to stardom continues with this film, starring in his third major blockbuster in the span of a year after his roles in the ridiculously successful Terminator Salvation and Avatar. While he has a certain amount of charm, and an everyman quality, this is probably his least memorable performance out of the three. Perseus doesn’t feel particularly heroic, since his stubbornness to use gifts from the gods just comes across as stupidity, rather than pride or bravery. The death of his parents is not built up enough to mean anything, and anytime they attempt to give him an inspirational, fist-pumping speech, the words just fall flat. He’s no Viggo Mortensen, no matter how much Letterier wants this to be The Lord of the Rings.

I realize, however, that all anyone really cares about is the special effects. Clash of the Titans does deliver some pretty cool imagery at times, including some disturbing Pan’s Labyrinth-esque creature designs and massive set pieces. As far as the action sequences go, I enjoyed the scorpion battle and some of the swordfights, but for every decent battle there is twice as much exposition that slows down the pace. I wasn’t a huge fan of Leterrier’s work on The Incredible Hulk, and once again he shows here that he knows how to orchestrate destruction, but he doesn’t really know how to give scenes weight. Also, I think it’s worth pointing out that certain characters (ie. Medusa) did not feel nearly as real or creepy in this version, so there’s still a trade-off with the original.

If you’re just going to the movies for an escape and for mindless eye candy, Clash of the Titans may satisfy on some level, but it’s yet another big blockbuster that just feels very empty and personally I’m getting kind of tired of this. It has that generic paint-by-numbers approach where you can feel all the artifice behind it and never once are you drawn into the story. People who grew up with the original will not find a worthy replacement here, and I predict that in 5 or 10 years time, this one will look just as dated. Above all, stay away from the 3-D version of this film. Don’t let studios sucker you in, because in this case, it adds absolutely nothing to the experience. Titans do clash, but I’m afraid that once the dust settles, titans will be all but forgotten. — Sean

SCORE: 2 stars


Ikan Siakap 3 Rasa

Pas magrib td aku g pasar mlm,beli brg umah la...bes duk Pineng ni coz org kte umpama SYURGA MAKANAN.....bkn syurga chenta ok...ngeh3....(@_@)

byk jgak la abes...Aku beli ketam,siakap,ikan termenung,ikan tongkol,sayur n ulam2...buah2..wah,sume nk bgtau...he3...xpe kan???So,aku ajk hubby aku mkn luar,dia xmo..kt nk mkn ns kt umah...erm,kn la kau blik msk lak...Duk piki2,nk msk ape,tringin lak nk mkn siakap 3 rsa...So,aku pn mskkan utk hubby aku....walopnn terlebih masin bkt(cori abg),tp ttp ok...huahuahua....

So,ape kate aku share ngn korg???walaupn ade antara korg yg dh terer,xpela...kite share la ilmu yea....(^_^)

Bahan-bahan ( 3 orang makan )

  • 1 ekor ikan siakap (apa2 jenis ikan pun boleh)
  • 5 biji cili hijau (dikisar)
  • 2 biji cili merah (dikisar)
  • 1 labu bawang besar (dikisar)
  • 4 ulas bawang putih (dikisar)
  • 2 biji tomato (dikisar)
  • 3 batang serai (dikisar)
  • 1cm halia (dikisar)
  • 1 biji cili merah (dipotong serong)
  • Nenas(dipotong kecik2-tpulang la lau nk byk mn)
  • 1 biji cili hijau (dipotong serong)
  • Daun ketumbar (dihiris)
  • 2 sudu makan sos tiram
  • 1 sudu makan tepung jagung
  • Garam + Kunyit
  • Minyak
  • Air


  1. Ikan dibersihkan, lumurkan dengan garam kunyit dan tepung jagung.Goreng hingga garing dan ketepika.
  2. Tumis bahan kisar hingga garing. Masukkan sos tiram kacau lagi.
  3. Masukkan air ikut citarasa (jika ingin berkuah, lebihkan air).Tunggu hingga kuah mendidih.
  4. Masukkan cili merah, cili hijau dan daun ketumbar.Kacau sebentar.Tuangkan kuah ke atas ikan.
P/S:kalo nk sng,korg cri jer rencah utk wat ikan 3 rs ni..dh ade yg dh siap...bg myedapkn n myenangkan la...kalo korg nk tmbh lg bhn2(timun,tomato,lada benggala-dipotong)tpulang la....

Apr 14, 2010

Bihun Sup

Arini,pas zohor aku g umah mak ngah sblh hubby aku,kt S.Petani...br nk jmpe sdara,stlh sbln kawen...aku msk ala kadar je coz nk cepat...blik dr umah dia igt nk g Pntai Merdeka,lepak2...tp mls lak..so cncel,n trus blik butterworth...Tp bkn straightly to mu house, g mkn bihun sup jap tepi pntai..lepak2...bes 0...So,bile aku tgk bihhun sup tuh,aku terpk nk share resipe dia ngn korg...tp bkn resipe aku(lum ckp brani nk share coz tkt xsame cm org wat)hu3,n bkn juga resipe mk cik tuh..ni aku pnjm ngn myresipe.com.....ok la..JOom kite tgk bahan2 utk wat bihun sup...

  • Bihun untuk 2 orang makan
  • 2 ketul ayam (bahagian berisi)
  • 1 pokok sawi
  • Segenggam taugeh
  • Daun bawang dipotong halus
  • Daun sup dipotong halus
  • Segenggam bawang goreng
  • 3 ulas bawang merah
  • 3 ulas bawang putih
  • Seinci halia
  • 1 batang kulit kayu manis
  • 2 kuntum bunga lawang
  • 3 kuntum bunga cengkih
  • Rempah sup
  • Rempah kurma
  • Garam
  • Serbuk pati ayam
  • 6 biji cili padi
  • 1 biji limau nipis (diambil jusnya)
  • Kicap pekat manis
  • Minyak untuk menumis
  • Air


  1. Rendam bihun dalam bekas berisi air
  2. Tumbuk 2 ulas bawang merah, 2 ulas bawang putih & halia
  3. Panaskan minyak dalam periuk, tumiskan bahan tumbuk tadi bersama kulit kayu manis, bunga lawang & bunga cengkih
  4. Setelah bahan2 tumis kelihatan perang, masukkan ayam dan gaul2kan sehingga kulit ayam kelihatan sedikit perang
  5. Setelah itu, masukkan air secukupnya
  6. Setelah air menggelegak, masukkan rempah sup ke dalam periuk sehingga mencapai kekeruhan yang disukai
  7. Masukkan pula sedikit rempah kurma (anggaran 1 sudu teh)
  8. Masukkan garam & serbuk pati ayam secukupnya, kacau, tutup periuk dan perlahankan api. Biarkan sup mereneh
  9. Untuk sambal kicapnya, tumbuk cili padi, seulas bawang merah & seulas bawang putih. Kemudian, masukkan kicap pekat manis dan jus limau nipis
  10. Setelah ayam dalam sup masak elok, keluarkan dan siat2 isinya. Setelah itu, celur sawi, taugeh & bihun
  11. Setelah siap, bolehlah masukkan bihun ke dalam mangkuk, diikuti taugeh, sawi dan isi ayam. Taburkan daun bawang, daun sup & bawang goreng di atasnya.
  12. Hidang dengan sambal kicap
(credit to myresepi)....

ni smbal merah...tp lau sambal kicap g bess....(^_^)

Trouble Ia A Fren-Lenka

Lyrics | Lenka lyrics - Trouble Is A Friend lyrics

Apr 13, 2010

Fabric Starch

Pernah x korg rs skt ati bile nk pkai tdg tp xjd?faktor2 ken terlalu lmbut la,or mmg ken ssh nk bentuk???esspecially when kite nk pkai shawl..certain people nk pkai tp still lg nk muncung kt depan(gud tips for my sis nih,ngeh~~),kna la cr idea cmne nk cntikkn depan tudung tuh...

dulu2,aku suke taruk lilin,bg keras...tp lilin wat tdg tuh rosak..syg la kan.Or,korg iron baju berjam2,bile nk pkai,cm xiron jer??ni byk berlaku kalo pkai baju ken cotton lar...mmg hangin lar...nk pkai,tp malu lak..nt org kate pemalas lak,tmbh2 ank dara...hu3..

So,aku nk suggest spya korg gune fabric starch..Fabric starch ni leh memudahkan keje korg utk mggosok baju or tdg.Actually,starch tu kanji.kalo korg nk gune cr traditional,tpulang lar...ni option la kalo dh nk cepat tuh..

Utk tdg ade caranyer tau...

  1. spray kt tdg(tpt yg nk bentuk tuh)
  2. jgn sembur byk2,jgn skt sgt lak...agk2 la sndri yea...
  3. bg kering lu tpt spray td..kalo gsok trus,n still wet,nt melekit lak..euuw..korg gak yg xslesa)...
  4. kalo korg terover excited nk gune,smpi terspray sebotol,ha3 abesla korg...haselnyer korg akn cri tdg baru la jwbnyer...nt tdg korg kejung jer...bkn ape,tkt jd cm robot lak..ki3...

Ni brand Kiwi Kleen,yg plg ssenang di cari kt super mkt...ade kale biru n kuning,biru yg bese n kuning for lemon...Price dlm RM11-13 kalo xsilap...

ni brand Faultless...

Selamat Mencuba!!!!!!!!

Killer Whale

haa....tu la video yg aku amik dr youtube...memandangkan aku suke sgt tgk National Geo,aku tlg upload...biar berilmmu ckt blog aku nih..he3..

Actually,Killer Whale ni ganas...jgn igt ikan xmkn ikan tau..in fact,bnda len pn dia mkn,tp fav dia la sea lion..kn sea lion byk lemak...(agknyerla)...mmg cian tgk sea lion tuh...kalo korg prasan,dia try nk lmpt dlm boat sbb nk lari dr ikn paus tu la..scra logiknyer,tkn wild animal nk nek boat unless kalo dia dh bese kn???
ak sdkit sbyk stuju gak ngn org2 yg komen kt youtube tuh...

"The sealion was trying to get on the boat becase that's were it came from. Animals don't naturally try to board boats.
National Geographies always happens to catch animals fighting or eating each other on expensive film. Why? Because they set it up. They're not just wondering around with a camera until something happens.
There are boom condenser mics, high rate film, and expensive cameras all prepped and ready"-Sin 6667

kalo btul,sggh pathetic rs nyer...tgamak dorg manipulate nature for their own sake..

Spagetti Bolognese

Alhamdulillah...kenyang perut ker???yer jgak.(^_^)..tp lbh kpda syukur aku tergerak ati nk update blog ni...setelah sekian lamer aku tggal....dr aku blik kg(nk kawen aritu),sampai skg....setelah genap sebulan aku KAWEN.....
Nti la lau ade msa,aku rajin aku akn citer serba sdkt sal mjlis kawen aku aritu...sementara aku xbekerja g ni...lau dh kerja,tkt xde ms dh...

Arini bgn pg ckt dr bese...dh 13 ari xkeje,13 arila bgn lmbt..sibek xduk ngn mak mentua aku....hu3..Alkesahnyer,aku nk g interview,tu yg bgn pg...tp kesimpulan yg aku leh wat pas aku interview org tuh(sbb aku yg byk soal dia,wakaka),aku nk tolak,kalo dpt..KALO...he3...sbb dia tipu..kt indoor,rupenyer outdoor..byk la..nk suh aku g jual produk...emh!!!xhingin aku....dulu dh terkena...aku serik la...thanks but no thanks ok!!!!

sbgai ubat frust,huby aku ajk g mkn kt Restoran Terapung Ujong Batu,pekena ikn bawal grg,smbil ditiup agin sepoi2 bhsa...Fuhh!!g berselera mkn beb...Open air la katakan...pegi lak lunch hour...mmg bersusun la org...tpt pemes kan...

balik dr mkn,aku minta la ABC...ngeh~~tringin..Perut aku lak dh pndai...dh kawen,mula nk mkn mcm2..xkira waktu...dulu ms single,tau lak duk diam...kalo lapa tgh mlm,mkn megi...skang,nk Capati Subaidah la...nsi lemak Salam la...ki2...

dlm aku duk menekan2 laptop duk godek2 pesbuk, hubby aku tya,"Yang xnk msk ker,abg nk g keje satgi,pas mgrib..kalo bz,xyah masakla"...Adoooii...pedas lak ayt dia tuh...

aku pn akur ngn perintah dia...g masak ape yg ade kt dapur...yg plg cepat spagetti la...brg2 dh ade....wat jela...So,aku nk share recipe ngn korg...saje nk wat segment"Recipe of Da Day"...walopn,bkn respi ori dr aku,xpela kn..nme g share...So,jom stat....

Bahan-bahan ( 6 orang )

  • 500 gram spaghetti (sepeket)
  • 500 gram daging lembu cincang
  • 200 ml susu
  • 1 labu bawang besar kuning – dicincang halus
  • 1 ulas bawang putih – dicincang halus
  • 1 tin sedang tomato puri
  • 4-5 tomato segar ranum - didadu
  • 1 batang carrot – didadu kecil
  • 2 batang celery – didadu kecil
  • 1 tin cendawan butang – dihiris (optional)
  • 1 kiub stok daging lembu (optional)
  • 1/2 sudu teh herba Oregano kering atau Italian Mixed Herbs
  • Sedikit garam dan gula secukup rasa
  • 3 sudu besar minyak zaitun (kalau taknak beli boleh pakai minyak masak biasa)
  • 2 sudu besar butter
  • Parutan keju parmesan – untuk menghidang
  • NOTA : Semua bahan bernota optional tidak ada dalam resipi asal authentic Italian Bolognese. Tapi boleh ditambah ikut citarasa.
  1. Rebus 2 liter air dalam periuk besar, masukkan 2 sudu teh garam. Bila air mendidih baru masukkan spaghetti. Kacau sekali-sekala dan masukkan satu sudu teh minyak zaitun (atau minyak masak) agar pasta tak melekat. Bila pasta sudah lembut angkat dan toskan.
  2. Sos Bolognese : Gunakan periuk yang tinggi dan dalam. Panaskan minyak zaitun,masukkan butter dan kacau. Bila butter cair dan berbuih masukkan bawang besar dan bawang putih cincang. Jangan dibiar garing, cukup sekadar bawang layu.
  3. Masukkan daging cincang. Ketuk-ketuk daging biar semua hancur dan bentuk/saiznya seragam. Goreng hingga daging keperangan.
  4. Masukkan semua sayuran, goreng lagi hingga sayur-sayur lembut.
  5. Masukkan susu. Kuatkan api hingga susu mendidih, kacau selalu. Bila nampak semua susu telah diserap daging, masukkan tomato puri dan tomato segar. Guna tin tomato puri itu untuk sukat 2 tin air, tambah ke dalam kuah. Kacau sos sambil di tekan-tekan tomato yang nampak berbiji hingga hancur.
  6. Masukkan herba, kiub (jika guna), garam dan gula secukup rasa.
  7. NOTA : Jika guna kiub, bagi saya tak masuk garam pun takpe sebab dah masin. Gula cume perlu 1/4 sudu teh saja sebab susu telah memaniskan sos. Again, mesti dirasa dan timbang sendiri masam, manis dan masin sos.
  8. Biar mendidih lebih kurang 7 minit, kemudian perlahankan api paling kecil. Renihkan dengan periuk separa tertutup hingga sos pekat.
  9. Boleh hidang dengan parutan keju parmesan.
  10. NOTA : Orang Itali secara tradisi, merenih sos Bolognese sampai 4 jam! Kalau nak jimat gas, 2 jam pun dah cukup lama hehe. Saya cuma renih 1 jam kali ni, sos jadi pekat dan menyalut spaghetti dengan cantik sekali. Dan yang penting, rasanya authentic Italian!!
**(credit to mutiarazura)

Tadaaa!!!!aku kidnap pic kt tenet...tp just nk tjuk rupe yg ptt jadi la...Walla...Yummy....Selamat mencuba....

Sekian dulu...