Apr 13, 2010

Killer Whale

haa....tu la video yg aku amik dr youtube...memandangkan aku suke sgt tgk National Geo,aku tlg upload...biar berilmmu ckt blog aku nih..he3..

Actually,Killer Whale ni ganas...jgn igt ikan xmkn ikan tau..in fact,bnda len pn dia mkn,tp fav dia la sea lion..kn sea lion byk lemak...(agknyerla)...mmg cian tgk sea lion tuh...kalo korg prasan,dia try nk lmpt dlm boat sbb nk lari dr ikn paus tu la..scra logiknyer,tkn wild animal nk nek boat unless kalo dia dh bese kn???
ak sdkit sbyk stuju gak ngn org2 yg komen kt youtube tuh...

"The sealion was trying to get on the boat becase that's were it came from. Animals don't naturally try to board boats.
National Geographies always happens to catch animals fighting or eating each other on expensive film. Why? Because they set it up. They're not just wondering around with a camera until something happens.
There are boom condenser mics, high rate film, and expensive cameras all prepped and ready"-Sin 6667

kalo btul,sggh pathetic rs nyer...tgamak dorg manipulate nature for their own sake..

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