Mar 30, 2011


Ish,best giler tgk citer Marimar nih...ala,kt TV3 tu,kul 3pm..yg keje xley la tgk yea...aku yg duk melanguk kt umah layan jela..byk sgt drama Indon,layan drama Filipin rs bes lar..citer Korea pn xde sgt kt tb skg....nape ntah...Korea lg besh...plakon sume tetomey jek,tnpa mekap 5 inci,14 lapes..

Citer Marimar ni pn cepat..xde nk pusg sana sini sgt...heroin cun..walopn watak dia lurus n naif,tp dia kuat...xdela lembik n slalu jd mgsa org jhat..u go gal!!!


Marian Rivera-Marimar

Dingdong Dantes-Sergio

Richard Gomez-Renato

Katrina Halili-Angelica

Sinopsis citer dia:

Gustavo Aldama, a rich businessman, marries a woman named Lupita despite his mother's disapproval of their relationship. Things become more complicated when Lupita gives birth to Gustavo's daughter, who she names Marimar. Dolores, Gustavo's mother, believing Lupita married her son only for their wealth, does everything to separate the two of them.

Dolores drugs Lupita and hires a man, setting them up to make it look like Lupita is having an affair. Gustavo is devastated to find Lupita "sleeping" with another man, unknown to him that it was a plot by his own mother. Dolores then demands Lupita to leave their property and never to come back.

It's too late, however, when Gustavo finds out his mother's treachery. He could no longer find Lupita, who had gone into hiding along with his daughter. Lupita promises her daughter that one day Marimar will claim what is rightfully hers. Meanwhile, Gustavo leaves his parents and decides to live alone in Manila, not losing hope that one day, he would find his wife and daughter.

Seven years pass, but Gustavo's efforts to locate the whereabouts of Lupita and Marimar remain fruitless. One day, his cousin Esperanza visits him, carrying with her the news of his parents' fatal accident. Despite his ill feelings towards his mother, Gustavo goes home to finally put closure on his past.

While visiting the grave of his parents, Silva, a friend of Lupita, comes by to inform Gustavo the whereabouts of Lupita and Marimar. Gustavo doesn't waste any time and goes to reunite with his family. Lupita manages to forgive Gustavo, to the delight of Marimar who is overjoyed to finally meet her father.

On their way back to Manila, the passenger plane on which the family is riding crashes into the sea and separates Marimar from her parents. Gustavo once again loses the family he had tried so hard to rebuild. Lupita is later found dead, but Marimar is nowhere to be seen.

Marimar is washed ashore on a nearby island. She is found by a childless couple, Lola Cruz and Lolo Pancho, and upon discovering that Marimar suffers from amnesia, decide to raise Marimar as their own granddaughter. Lola Cruz calls her Marimar after seeing the name on Marimar's necklace. Young Marimar meets a young Angelika, and they become friends, playing in a beach. However, Marimar and Angelika start fighting when Angelika falls and breaks her arm, blaming the incident on Marimar.

Marimar then grows into an innocent and naive young woman, whose complicated and tormented life begins when she meets, falls in love with, and agrees to marry Sergio Santibañez, for the latter's reason to have revenge against his father Renato and Sergio's ex-girlfriend, Angelika, Marimar's childhood friend, who had become his new stepmother. Marimar is then subjected to the cruelty of Angelika in the Santibañez mansion. Here starts Marimar's awakening to the harsh reality of what her love for Sergio had done to her.

Fate begins to favor the once oppressed Marimar when she decides to leave San Martin de la Costa after suffering much from the Santibañez household and the death of her adopted grandparents from a fire under Angelika's order. Marimar changes her name to Bella. In the city, she gives birth to a beautiful baby girl whom she named Cruzita after her Lola Cruz. Marimar doesn't allow the child's father, Sergio, to see her, believing that Sergio had left her for good when he went on a business trip.

After many years of searching, Gustavo finally meets Marimar, but since the latter had changed her name to Bella, Gustavo does not recognize her. Natalia, an insane and ambitious provincial lass from San Martin dela Costa who also hated Marimar when she still lived in Villa Santibanez, had snatched up Marimar's pendant before the latter left, which would prove the identity of Gustavo's missing daughter and heiress. Natalia begins pretending to be Gustavo's missing daughter, yet her deception does not last long as Marimar's lost memory comes back with Natalia later on proved to be an impostor. Gustavo finally acknowledges Marimar as his daughter, yet he dies from a heart attack soon after, leaving the countless wealth of the Aldamas to her. With the help of her Tia Esperanza and friend Innocencia, Marimar leaves for the United States and completely transforms herself from a poor and naive lass into the rich and sophisticated Bella Aldama.

When she returns to the Philippines, Marimar meets Rodolfo San Jinez, a businessman who plans to marry her because his family's company was losing money. Rodolfo invites her to his masquerade party as his guest of honor. Unknown to MariMar, now known as Bella, Sergio was also going to the party. Sergio unexpectedly sees Bella and recognizes her as Marimar. Sergio tells Rodolfo that Bella is his wife, but Rodolfo thinks it's impossible. Marimar then rejects San Jinez at their wedding and proves to herself that she still loves Sergio.

Meanwhile, as the Villa Santibañez begins to fall, Angelika returns from abroad and brings a mentally-weakened Renato to their house where she "takes care" of him. Unknown to Renato, Angelika puts "medicine" in his food, which is to weaken his memory. Renato realizes that Angelika is responsible for the loss of his money and his company. Angelika goes to Manila for an auction but Marimar, as Bella Aldama, shows up and a confrontation ensues. Because of Marimar's vengeful tactics, Angelika loses everything to her. Angelika goes back to Villa Santibañez and sends her husband to a mental hospital. However, Renato had already escaped from the hospital before Angelika and her men showed up. Nicandro, a worker under Angelika, shoots him at Angelika's order. However, he is brought by Dra. Rhia to cure him. Renato finally reunites with Sergio and takes revenge on Angelika. Marimar buys the title of Villa Santibañez and humiliates Angelika during a fight, in which the latter accidentally stabs her own right eye. Many run-ins between Sergio, Marimar, and Rodolfo occur. Finally, Marimar once again decides to leave the country to put her life in order. However, Rodolfo kidnaps her before she could leave. Sergio then saves her from her captors but Rodolfo accidentally shoots her when he meant to aim at Sergio. All three inadvertently ended up getting shot but not fatally. Rodolfo is brought to the hospital to later face trial and jail time.

After much heart searching, MariMar decides to forgive Sergio and the family is reunited. Later on, Marimar meets Vanessa May, who was Gustavo's girlfriend while he was separated from Lupita, who tells her that she wants to find her missing daughter who turns out to be Angelika - Marimar's rival. Unknown to Marimar, Angelika plans the downfall of the heir of Aldamas to get Sergio. Angelika is responsible for murders of her mother, Vanessa May, and Esperanza. She blackmails Marimar of Esperanza's murder so that she could take Marimar out. Sergio and the others know that Angelika is the one responsible for the murders but could not find incriminating evidence against her while Angelika has a knife with MariMar's fingerprints and a blouse with Esperanza's blood. Angelika kidnaps MariMar so she could kill her and tells MariMar that she was really the one who murdered Esperanza to keep her silent. Angelika's henchmen Nicandro and Diego save Marimar from Angelika's plan to kill her and they tell a lie to Angelika about Marimar's death. Angelika's plan fails but she sets another trap for Marimar. She dogs Marimar until they have a face-off to finish everything. Angelika shoots Marimar repeatedly, but she survives because of her flak vest. Marimar realizes that Angelika will stop at nothing to destroy she and her family so she decides to finally fight back at Angelika. After a series of attempted police interventions, Angelika is involved in a shoot out and is subsequently arrested. In the incident, MariMar was run over by Angelika and left badly wounded. After a harrowing near-death experience, Marimar survives by a miracle. Meanwhile, Renato betrays Nicandro to the police and a group of police officers shoot Nicandro dead before he can attempt to escape from them.

One month later, after Marimar's recovery, she, along with Sergio and her company, go to the court hearing where Angelika is in custody. The jury finds Angelika guilty for the murders. Sergio and Marimar hold a thanksgiving dinner with their family and close friends after the trial. Meanwhile, Renato goes to the jail where Angelika was sentenced and gives a reward (which is money) and a "permission" to the warden in which she accepted. A "permission" from Renato is to suffer Angelika in jail by giving her a burning mark with MariMar's name on it in which what Renato says to her that a burned mark is also a "gift" from MariMar and continues to hurt her more along with her inmates who joined him also to hurt her. Sergio and Marimar announce that they would finally get married and Marimar gives back to Renato the title of Villa Santibañez. Meanwhile, Angelika's foster father visits her in prison and he gives her a plan to make her escape from prison and she could work with him to ruin the wedding of Sergio and Marimar. She escapes along with other inmates after a bomb explodes opening up the wall. Unaware that Angelika had escaped from prison, Marimar and Sergio prepare for their wedding.

On the day of the wedding, Angelika knocks Arturo out, puts him inside the car trunk, and disguises herself as the driver, replacing Arturo. Sergio, along with Cruzita, ride in the car to go to the church. Angelika kidnaps both father and daughter then gives Marimar the choice of two "special presents". She has Marimar go to a beach where she calls Marimar up on her cellphone. She tells Marimar to choose her present: Sergio's or Cruzita's life. Angelika has Sergio and Cruzita in two different boats with bombs set to go off at the same time strapped to their chests. Marimar heads off to sea in a third boat provided by Angelika and ultimately decides to save Cruzita. Once she gets her daughter, Marimar shoots down Angelika's henchman. As she hugs Cruzita, the boat with Sergio in it explodes. Marimar grabs Cruzita and jumps into the water just as the bomb that was strapped to Cruzita explodes. They make it to the shore undetected by Angelika. Marimar and Cruzita are shocked by what had just happened to Sergio. Marimar tells Cruzita that she should be brave and strong even without Sergio, then hides Cruzita saying that she would come back for her.

Meanwhile, Sergio didn't die in the explosion after all. Just before the time set on the bomb ran out he was able to knock down Angelika's henchmen, remove the bomb and escape from the boat. Marimar goes off to face Angelika. She escapes detection by Angelika's henchmen and finally finds and fights Angelika. Unknown to her, Sergio is also in the area and fighting the remaining henchmen. When Angelika's foster father has Sergio at gunpoint, Renato saves his son by shooting him. Sergio learns from Renato that Marimar is in the area and he goes off to find her. Meanwhile, Marimar and Angelika are fighting in Angelika's helicopter off the ground. Sergio is able to catch hold of the chopper before it completely lifts off. Marimar pushes Angelika out where she falls to the ground in a river full of crocodiles. A bleeding Angelika is last shown being dragged - apparently devoured by the reptiles. Sergio climbs into the helicopter and he and Marimar are reunited.The episode picks up on the wedding day itself. After much heartbreak and sorrow, tears and hardships and the death of Angelika, the two lovers are finally married amidst their close friends and loved ones.

**credit to Wikipedia

DBS Arau(2003-2006)

Td mase duk belek2 pic lelame,tsyum sorg2 bile tgk pic time memude dahulu...mase aku study kt UITM Arau...smemgnyer UITM dihatiku...tmbh g kampus Arau,mmg terbaek...kalo nk citer kesonokan tuh,xtertulis la..pjg sgt,nt lenguh byk kngan manes la,ngn best buddies...
kalo sstgh org xsuke,coz Perlis ni kecik jer..nk cmpare ngn bndar yg ade bg aku,Perlis is da best...sonok sgt..

Kt sinila aku jmpe kwn2 yg smmgnyer terbaek dr ladang(sbb suke k ladg) mn2 dn watpe same2..(tmasuk keje2 mgkidnap buah mgga harum manes n mangga sala dr ladang..mmg best,berlari2 ank smbil mgheret beg sampah(yg dipenuhi mangga) sambil mata meliar kot2 tnmpak kelibat Pak Gad..ahax..mgga yg ktrg amek,xbyk...bleyla skali jual kt p.mlm bkn la kami g jual..kami g edar2 kt sume kwn yg suke mgga...hasil di kgsi bersama...lgpn,syg tgk buah kt pokok busuk cmtuh jer..xelok mbzir...tul x???tul x???sila hangguk....

xsgka aku dulu noti jgak...ade byk g citer,tp biarla rhsia..he3...

ha,ni pic time dodulu..

Dari kiri:Uda,Linda,Nana(npk muke jer), n aku...
Ni mase g Alor Star,City Plaza..

Dr kiri:Linda,Nana,Ima,aku,n Uda
mase dlm kelas..bilik kayu...hu3

Dr kiri:Nana,aku,Linda,n Uda(sume muke innocent g)...uhuk2

Mase mkn2 kt Kuala Perlis...mmg bes..

Rindu sgt n sgt n sgt n sgt kt korg sume....

p/s:Act,sume dh kawen..nk tgu sorg 2 je lg.dia pn xlame dah kot..kuang3..


Ari aku interview,kuar dr umah kul 8.10..mula igt nk kuar kul 7.30,tp ad mslh(ssh nk bgn awal),lmbtla ckt..ak dh rs risau..yela...jln jem giler2...adk aku ckp,mst smpai dlm kul 10 lbh..ak kn ad sn kul 9pg..hu3...ak wat rilex smbil bc notes..Hubby ak lak drive,smbil xtau jln...hu3..cian kami..ak ade wat calculation ckt....

yer,ianya bknla math calculation yer..

niat aku,nk cncel jer kalo dh lmbt...bkn lmbt ckt,lmbt byk nih...bad perception nt..lgpn,mst dorg mrh..tkt...~~ngee~~


Alhamdulillah...tpt nyer sng nk cari..dpn Bukit Aman sajer..(Hubby ak mstila tau)..smpai pn ngam2 jer..

rmai gak yg aku xnebes sgt..nape ntah..bile aku tgk org yg interview,br nebes 3 org..rsnyer dorg org pntg,sbb pak cek tu sempoi jer,n pkai kot..ak rs cm CEO jer..hu3..

tp dorg tya soklan simple2,byk sembg..i loike....dkt 1/2 jam gak la aku kt dlam..1st candidates lak tuh..bley blik awal...dh sdh,rs lega..ley la g jln TAR..dpn tu jer...last2,xjd coz silap jln..trus balik sajer...

sebak tul..Oh jln TAR....ak rindu kamoo...

Mar 29, 2011

Jejalan kt IKEA..


Ni ape kes lk ni??xdela..saje jer...ari2 duk praktis ngn Aqil...ngeh2..

ok la...nk hupdate lelaju coz masa sgt mcemburui,ekceli bkn ms saje,Aqil pn..duk merengek jek..xley nk tggal lgsg...hu3...nt dia besa mst dia wat sajak"Mamaku dan Belog".....~jeles~

Aku smpai KL ari sbtu dh penat,sembg reramai,pastu tido..sok pg,umi,aboh n aku btolak blik Pahang...en Hubby wat saranan nk g IKEA..nk cri cermin lekat kt dinding(tu pn nk citer k???ohh,mesti)...aku ON jer..kaki jalan..dan aku tmbah sikit,spya kami trus k jln TAR...Hoi!!!mmg antu tudung btul...

biarla..kt sini ssh nk cri tdg..mcm katak bwh tmprg aku rasa..rindu gile kt Jln TAR....

Smtra tggu kak aku park kete,amik gmba dulu...~~sengih~~ kt dlm IKEA,org rmai gile...ei,lemas lak rse...Aqil duk mjerit+nanges..sume org tgk...hu3...olh krna kuar time lunch,prt pn mnta di isi...kami mkn kt Teppanyakki...

Gmbr Chopstick jer...mknan blum smpai...

aku xdela suke sgt...bese je rse..nk mkn Korean food,tp xde..hu3...xpela..

Rayyan dh terlalu lapa smpai mggigit tisu..hu3

Kt situ dgr sore ktrg jer..2 org g ank buah aku duk men2..abg dia duk usik adik lak mjerit..Aqil pn tmpg same..nk susu...dh bg susu,nk nk tido dlm buai..ltak dlm stroller xmo...dkung pn xmo..last2 kak aku dukung smbil dia nk dh ade xperience...aku bru nk bjr jga ank..~~so,dmaapkan~~

nk beli brg pn xsyok la...ktrg trus byr..igt nk g Jln TAR,tp pnat,blik umah jelh..
1 mslh g,cri kte xjmpe..guard lak org Bangladesh.Dia pn xphm,kmi lg la xphm dia ckp pe...dkt stgh jm cri kte...Adoooi...

bile smpai umh,sume tlentg...ha3...xpela..bkn selalu...



Aritu aku pegi KL utk interview kan???So,td pas interview aku rehat2 jap..ptg dh tolak blik..Penat rsa,even bkn aku yg drive..Hasben aku yg drive,pastu dia keje lak mlm ni..cian dia..Nk citer sal interview,tp ngntuk sgt..sok la aku update ckt..Rase ngntuk lak..dhla ujan..kt KL pyela pnas smpai Aqil tido xbbju...kt sini rase nk beli mafela...cess!!!igt cm dlm citer Winter Sonata ker???

mlm2 mula la nk merapu...mata pn dh nk pejam jer..k la..

jmpe sok..



Mar 26, 2011

Masa itu Emas...

bru igt nk mekap2 belog...

sbb rs rndh diri bile tgk belog kamoo2...

tp buah ati pgrang jntg saye jeles...

dia xsuke saye abaikan dia...


dia nenges...

saye sggh tertekan...T______T

saye tpkse wat plihan...

antra dia dan belog...

lalu aku mmlih...

utk biarkan dia nanges...
~~hak dush~~

aku tipu...yer...

mstila aku plh Aqil Aqasha...


mama sgt syg Aqil...
more than evrythg,include papa..hi3...('.^)

Untuk lelaki...

Just nk share wif uols..sbb ak rsa mmg tpat 189%(hyperbola)...uhuk2..i loike..

Andainya lelaki tahu..Apabila seorang perempuan jatuh cinta,lelaki itu tidak semestinya punya segalanya tetapi lelaki itu adalah segalanya di hatinya.Andainya lelaki tahu..Apabila seorang perempuan itu mengalirkan air mata, itu bukan bermakna dia lemah, tetapi dia sedang mencari kekuatan untuk terus tabah menyintai lelaki itu.Andainya lelaki tahu..Apabila seorang perempuan marah, memang dia tidak mampu mengawal perasaannya tapi percayalah, itulah maknanya dia sangat mengambil berat dan menyayangi lelaki itu. Lihat saja pasangan yang baru bercinta, mereka jarang bergaduh. Tetapi percayalah semakin bertambah sayang mereka pada seseorang, semakin pula banyak pertelingkahan yang berlaku.Andainya lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan bercakap banyak, dia tidak pernah bermaksud untuk membuat anda rimas, tapi dia mahu lelaki mengenalinya dengan lebih dekat.Andainya lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan berkata dia mahu anda berubah, itu bukan bermakna dia tidak mahu menerima anda seadanya, tetapi dia mahu menjadikan anda lebih baik, bukan untuk dirinya, tetapi untuk masa depan anda.Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan cemburu dan tidak percayakan anda, bukan bermakna dia tidak sayang..tetapi dia terlalu sayangkan anda dan masih mengangap anda anak kecil yang masih memerlukan sepenuh perhatian. Kadang2 dia terlalu risau sekiranya terlalu percaya, anda akan mengkhianati kepercayaan yang diberi. Naluri keibuannya sangat kuat. Dia hanya mahukan yang terbaik untuk anda.Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan merajuk, jangan kata dia mengada-ngada. Dia bukannya mahu dipujuk dengan wang ringgit atau hadiah sedozen, tetapi cukup dengan perhatian yang boleh buat perempuan rasa dihargai.Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan jarang mengatakan ‘i love u’, itu tidak bermaksud dia tidak menyintai tetapi dia mahu lelaki itu merasai sendiri cintanya, bukan hanya hadir dari kata-kata tetapi juga melalui bahasa tubuhnya.Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan kata dia rindu sama kamu, dia benar-benar maksudkannya. Apabila berjauhan, bayanganmu akan sentiasa bermain di mata.Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan kata lelaki lain itu lebih baik dari kamu, jangan percaya kata-katanya kerana dia hanya mahu menguji kamu. Dia mahu melihat sejauh mana kamu sanggup menjadi yang terbaik di matanya. Walaupun sebenarnya memang kamulah yang terbaik di hatinya. Selagi dia dengan kamu, percayalah, walaupun perempuan menganggap masih ramai lagi yang lebih baik di matanya tetapi di hatinya, kamu tetap yang terbaik.Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan menjadi degil, dia bukan bermaksud untuk menjadi degil tapi dia mahu melihat sejauh mana lelaki itu mampu bersabar dengan kerenahnya. Percayalah, hati perempuan itu sangat lembut. Andai kena caranya, jangan terkejut kalau akhirnya dia menukar fikirannya dalam masa sesaat.Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan berkata, “tolong tinggalkan saya!”, dia tidak bermaksud menyuruh anda pergi selamanya. Dia hanya mahu menenangkan fikirannya sebentar saja. Apabila dia kembali tenang, percayalah dia akan mencari anda semula. Itu tandanya dia benar-benar menyintai anda. Perempuan sukar untuk mengawal perasaan. Dia terlalu emosional. Tapi dialah yang paling menyayangi anda dan sangat sensitif dengan perubahan pada diri anda.Andai lelaki tahu..Sememangnya Allah menciptakan lelaki dan perempuan itu dengan perbezaan yang tersendiri. Tetapi sekiranya mereka saling memahami, mereka akan saling melengkapi dan menyempurnakan . Perempuan itu diciptakan oleh Allah indah sekali. Di sebalik air matanya, tersimpan seribu satu kekuatan yang bakal menjadikan seorang lelaki itu merasa selamat bersamanya. Biarpun zahirnya perempuan itu tampak lemah tapi dia punya kekuatan tersendiri yang bisa menggoncang dunia dan mungkin bisa pula membuat lelaki menjadi lemah kerananya. Jadi hargailah kehadiran seorang perempuan dalam hidup anda kerana dia didatangkan bukan dengan kelemahan sahaja tetapi dia juga ada kekuatan untuk menyongkong anda dan membuatkan hidup anda lebih sempurna. Dialah yang bakal menjadi perempuan bekerjaya, isteri juga ibu yang terbaik untuk anak2 anda.

Mar 25, 2011

Thank to God..

Semalam,pas aku msk utk pak mntua,aku dpt phone call dr sbuah bank..ktenyer ade interview..syukur sgt2...dh lame aku anta resume,tp 1 pn xde 1st...bbga atiku...hasben aku lg lebar mslhnyer interview kt KL..ktrg dh jnji ngn fmly kt Perlis nk blik sna ujg mggu ni...sdara nk tgk bby baru...hu2..after long discussion,we decided dat we gonna take dis opportunity,dats mean we'll be going to KL.sok ptg br tolak..ermm,bkn sng nk dpt interview..try my luck jela..xslh kan..kalo ade rzki,dptla..interview nyer ari senin ni,kul 9pg.Aqil aku tgl kt kak aku jap..cian dia,tpksa amik cuti...jasamu ku keng kak..hai,bdebar lak..mklumla dh lame xkeje..dh lame xinterview..ntah cmnela nt...dh kt HQ lak tuh..hu3..

wish me luck ok...


My Cutiey-Pumpkin AQIL AQASHA

saje nk share ngn korg pic bby aku...tomey x???

mama cyg Aqil...muah3..


Mar 24, 2011

OMB!!!(oh my baby)..

Olla…amboi,nek bdebu belog aku nih..fuhh2…ckt pnyer lame xbuka…alkisahnyer…

Ak balik kg 14/12/2010..bab due aku 13/01/2011..time tu lak aku dh stat rs skt2..risau la kalo blik kg lmbat nt nk branak tgh jln,naya jer..plan asal aku nk bersalin kt Pineng..blik berpntg kt Klantan,tp Umie aku lak suh blk bersalin kt Klantan trus..dia riso la sbb aku xde sape2 kt sini..ank 1st lak tuh..xtau la nk handle cmne..mmg btul pn..ak nk tawakal better ikut ckp org tua la..byk pglaman dh dorg tuh..sume sdara aku duk tya due bile???xde tanda2 g ker??aku pn smpai nek borg duk jwb..lg borg kn jumpe doctor..sbb aku drh rendah+baby kecik..mnala aku tau prut aku kcik..hish…risau pn ade,tkt kcik sgt,nt kna tahan lak dlm wad,cam adik ipar aku..hu2..xmo2..azab r lame2 duk spital..cian kat baby same..

nak dijadikan citer,maklumla ujung taun,bnjir melanda la kg aku..tu bese la..yg aku risau,tkt sakit nk beranak time tuh..jalan mmg tersekat..aku duk tgh2..ha,cmne tuh??tkn nk berangkut gune prahu??pnh jd kes,kn minta tlg traktor g anta..hu3..xpasal2 msk briter…haish..dlm duk risau tuh,hasben aku lak ari2 tya xskt lg ker??dia nk amik cuti trus..aku pn xtau nk jwb ape,smpai gduh kdg2 tuh..dh xrs nk branak g..nk wat cmne..tensen gak aku..sume duk push2 aku lak..dh la aku ni Bintang Airmata..hu3..

Last2,aku suh dia blik..sbb tkt banjir,mmg aku diwajibkan duk spital,even aku xsakit g..nk elak dr sbrg kesulitan la…8/1 Hasben aku xde tnda2 g aku nk bersalin…dia pn nek risau sbb dia amik cuti emergency ak nk besalin sminggu..dh abes smiggu,ak still sehat g,,siap g jln sana sini,sbb Hasben aku borg duk umah..ak temankan dia la..smpai KB aku g..dh abes cuti,nk sambung g sbb dia mls nk blik keje,pastu kn blik lak kalo aku skt..dh dkt due date..mst aku bersalin dlm tempoh tdkt..dia smbg cuti g sminggu..dh lpas due date,bile aku wat check up,nurse bg tempoh smggu g..lau xbersalin gak,br dorg pksa..hu3..xtau lak dorg bg tmpoh lame..Hasben aku risau tkt incas dia mrh,igt kami mnipu..nk wat cmne bby xmo kuar g..dia syok agknye duk lam perut..last check up,aku kn g 3 tpt,kn jumpe doctor,sbb drh kurg n perut kecik…tensen pn cari doctor merata..penat tau tak!!!doktor 1st ckp air ketuban aku kurg,akn effect baby la nt..tkt dia dh berak kt dlm perut n kmgkinan akan mkn najis dia sndri..minta2 dijauhkan la..dats why la perut aku nmpak kecik..owh..(melopong jap)…so,once again aku di suruh refer kt doctor Rantau Panjang…dhal org ramai,bg no cm hampeh..bek xyah gune system canggih lau no msk blik len,kn msk blik len..bape kali lak tuh..wat malu aku jer..dh la penat xhlg g sana sini..sggh xpro mreka ini..Hmmm..(mgeluh)…rupenyer aku kn msk blk yg xpggil no..membara tul..

doctor ckp lau prt kcik bese la..ank sulung..sal drh,mmg aku dr kcik g drh kurg,(pttla slalu pitam)…so,xde mslh ape..cume sal air ketuban kurg tuh,yg problem refer kt Hospital KB..dia kt,lau xde effect sgt,ley blik..lau doctor sna ckp kn wat terus,kn tahan trus,aku bwk brg2 trus,,lau kna tahan sng..dh check2,aku kn tahan sbb doctor pakar tkt nt lmbt2 efect bby..risau lak aku geram ngn nurse kt pendaftarn..ckp cm xmkn nasi..pastu nk mrh2 org..aku nk mrh pn,mak cek sgt dh..slmber jer sound Umie aku,sbbnyer dia tya aku tp Umie aku yg explain..yela..aku byk citer kt Umie same jela..lgpn,aku pn xtau nk jwb ape..skt cmne..nk sound2 org lak..pntg btul aku org wat mak aku cmtuh..penat wt keje..sume org penat wat keje..lau xtahan benti..gaji tiap2 bulan org byr..wat keje xikhlas…bkn wat keje free..manusia oh manusia..

dh aku kn tahan,katil lak hmpir2 nk penuh..tkt pn ade tgk ade yg dh bersalin..ade y glum,tp tgh baring2..aku rs oku sorg je yg duk sengih2 g cm kerang tgk aku mst pelik,sbb aku cm sehat g..duk trun nek katil,mgemas itu len sume duk diam.muka berkerut2.aku duk bergurau g ngn Hasben aku..En Hasben kt sok br aku duk syp,mka kerut2..hu3..mlm 1st,aku duk sorg..xde org teman..xpela..bkn aku skit doctor ckp nk msk ubat sok pg..ak dh risau…Ntah apela rsa(cam iklan rokok tuh)..he3..

ade bdak br check in(cett,igt cm hotel ker???) sblh katil aku..cun gak..tggi,putih mlepak..mmg cantek cm br lpas nanges..mak dia dtg sembg..rupenyer dia ak bgsu..mnja la umo xnpk lak laki dia..keje la kot..dh mlm tuh,sdra dia dtg jga,2 org lak..ikut prosedur spital,dorg klentong..ckp jga aku sorg..aku pn sdra dia gak..aku xckp pe..nurse tya dorg yg,aku xdosa la kan??kan??bkn aku yg tipu..dorg ckp muka aku lbh kurg..kalo ckp sdara pn,org caya la..kalo cmtu,cun jgak la aku..ha3…~~muntah hijau~~

dia duk skit,berkerut2 muka.pastu duk nanges jer..yg aku duk bdebar,kn bgn pg..nk msk ubat..skali ngn dak tu la..last2,br je aku nk tido,rupenyer nurse dh pggil..ckp doctor dtg awal sbb doctor bad,suke ati dorg je ek..bdk sblh katil aku dh kn msk labor room(LR) cos dh pcah air ktuban…aku jela..dh msk ubat,xley duk diam aku..skt nk ptus usus..dduk xkena,bgun check,br buka tggu lame g..smpai buka kn tgu 8jam g..Fuhh,bpeluh aku..dh nk kn wat ape ntah,lupe lak…yg utk check bby nyer heart beat tuh..bkn skjap..lame gile..nurse la jap suh aku mgiring,telentang..ak dh skt xley ckp..peluh sume kuar..dh nk dkt sejam,dorg check graf,xjd,suh stat nk maki jer..dh org men2 lak dorg nih..

pastu,doctor check,pcahkan air ktuban..maskkan alat ape ntah,pjg gile,,seram aku xrs skt mn pn..time msk ubt pn xrs skt..drh trus kuar, abes lantai.(ngeri jer)..aku kn pkai pad trus la..skt mkin kuat..xthan sgt..bekfes pn aku mkn ckt..skt+mknan spital(yg ala2 lak tuh)..xde slera..smpai lunch,aku xmkn jgak..time ni,mmg ak rs nk pitam skt..akak sbleh duk ajk sembg..aku dh xlarat..nk trik tirai,biadap lak..last2,nurse pggil suh msk LR..aku bdebar..dh smpai msa ker??neves tahap gaban lak..dia suh kemas bju bby,bwak tuh ak skit bju pn cm xjmpe..skit pnyer lame nurse tu tggu..hu3..pdhal bju dh ade,tp ak skt smpai trduduk…igt dia nk tolak ats wheelchair,tp dia suh aku jln len siap tolak ngn ktil2 g..dhla aku xsmpat nk gitau hasben n umie aku..

kul 12 tgh ari aku msk LR,nurse tuh suh aku tkar baju..pkai bju operation nyer..ish,cmne nk paki nih??mn dpn mn blakg??mmg kn pkai tu jela..malu mmg malu,xpnh aku seseksi cenggini,even kt umah pn..hu3..tpksa la..dh skt,xley nk pk ape dah..dorg pn xde ms nk tgk..nek borg dh..ha3..sibek xrmai laki..aku pn dpt doctor pmpuan..xdela segan sgt,tp still lg segan ckt..aku duk cover2,dorg mrh..smpai sini pn duk wat sound check g..ikat kt perut aku..aku aku bru 2cm,lme g..dorg suh trik mmg dorg tkn bg mkn or mnum dah..xkira lame mn duk dlm LR..ak jd dhaga sbb duk trik hembus nafas..aku duk baca sume ayat2 yg aku igt..

kul 2,dorg suh pggil suami/fmly sorg jela..bile aku tgk muka Hasben aku,rs lega n epi sgt..skt pn jd semngat skt..dia duk bc doa kt tinge aku..duk gosok2 kpale…rs lega sgt..ak rs xthan,nurse platih duk ajk bersembng..ok la dorg..lau nurse yg dh lame,cm sombg ckt..mrh2 org g..dh aku xthan skt,tibe perut aku cm nk teran jer..bkn ake saje nk teran,tp dia automatic..ak than pn dia nk push gak..lau blh aku xmo push g coz jln xbuka 10cm..tkt nt luka dlaman byk..lau ikut dorg,dlm 8jam g br jln buka btul..aku mgucap dgr..nk tgu 8jam tu yg xsggp..hasben aku msk jap,ak dh nk teran..Syukur sgt2..dorg check,dh xcaya jln cpt aku lega la…xyah than skt lame2..xsbr nk tgk baby..dh aku ckp nk teran,dorg pn suh aku teran,tp teran sndri..aku pn konpius..agknyer dorg nk tgu 10cm kot..dh aku teran2,xley,dorg suh cpt2 coz tkt bby lemas..aku mmg xde tnaga sgt..dh xmkn pape..So,sape2 yg nk branak,take notes hasben aku byk mmbantu la..smgat dial en mcm..aku dh give up pn,dia still lg support aku…dia byk men pranan la..dok bisik ayat2 Quran kt tinge aku..aku ggahkan jgak la,dpt smgat len..dlm ms 20mnt,bby dh xcaya..lega bkn men..syukur touching giler tgk muka bby..mmg xley caya la..aku dh slamat bersalin..dh ade ank..speechless tul la..saat yg aku tkn lupekan..pastu,nurse suh Hasben aku kuar coz nk mndikan bby n nk sudahkan keje dorg..gerun aku..sesi plg skt aku rs..branak pn xskit cm ni..xde bius pape yer..jahit cmtuh jer..ouchhh!!tahan jer,tp byk kali gak kn mrh coz aku duk tahan..dorg xbg,dorg suh relax jer coz nt dorg ssh nk jht..Helo,kalo aku tgk mkn eskrem bley la aku tgh jahit..hu2..paham la..duk marah2 org g..sabo jela..

tp beza la branak normal n ceasarean..aku rs dh sehat la..bley grak sna skit tpt jhit jela..nk kn jga lau tgk org yg operate,mmg xley nk grk sgt..tgk pn cian jer..aku pas bersalin dh sengih2 blik..dorg tgk jer..(org yg tggu ms nk msk LR la)..dorg cm tkt..besela..tmbh2 g 1st bby..ade yg dh bersalin,smpai pitam kt katil..siap mak cek dpn tu ckp,best jer tgk xde ape..sehat..he3..Alhamdulillah la..aku doa cpt2 kuar wad jer..xthan kn check n cian kt mie aku..yela..bkn ley tido duk situ..aku nk bg dia landing kt katil aku pn,aku xley bdri lame2..sibek katil sblah kosg..dia baring2 situ la ank aku duk nanges,dia la kn bgn dduk tggk..nk hrp aku,lmbat la..nk bgn pn xley aku lak lapa,susu xkuar byk g..cian dia..sbb xmo dia nanges lapa mlm2,aku curi2 bg susu botol ckt..nurse npk nt kn mrh..

Sok nye,doctor ensem dtg tpt aku..igt nk cek aku,rpenyer cek bby..lega…dia kte bby dh ley kuar..sume ok..aku nt doctor len check…alahai,mudanya doktor2 kt sini..cntik2 lak xkonpiden jer aku tgk..sbb muda sgt,tp dorg pro dorg check whether drh beku still ade g k x,tu yg plg xth..skt sgt2…ish,mmg nk lari blik jer aku rsa..time duk sini,xde malu ape dah..kalis malu..uhuk2..xpe,pasni aku bkn jmpe dorg dh..luckily,ak pn dh ley blik…epi sgt2…kbtulan Hasben aku br smpai(ikut waktu mlawat),trus agkt brg la..

mmg tgmbar keceriaan dimuka aku,ley blik umah..legaaa,jus nk kn bsabar nk abeskan pntg..hu3…

to be continued….